Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Destination LA

I was not only honored, but privileged, when this fabulous couple asked me to assist in planning their vision of a platinum wedding. The couple had been together for a little over six years and knew this was the perfect time to "tie the knot." The Bride was from, and lived in, Los Angeles, California. The Groom moved back to the East Coast to further his education. Needless to say, most of the time, it was the Bride, I and her family doing all the planning.

The Bride was very clear on what this magical evening would entail. The wedding took place in a glamorous ballroom in West Hollywood. The evening started off with endless stationary offerings, such as; a sushi bar, Steak Dian station, a carving station, salad stations and a kabob station. Classy hors d'oeuvres were butlered throughout the room while the guests were entertained with live music from a very talented and well known harpist.

As the evening proceeded, immediate family and close friends of the Bride and Groom were invited to attend the signing of the Ketubah, which was followed by a "never to be forgotten" ceremony. The room was filled with extravagant flowers, linens and imported custom designed drapery. Half of the tables consisted of cherry tree branches with green antique Hydrangeas, Black Magic Roses, Melva orange Roses, Leonita Roses, red hanging Amaranths and Orchids. The other half consisted of the same flowers, however, we changed the concept and opted to showcase the flowers in tall circular glass vases partially filled with marbles -giving the room more variety and elegance. The room was truly magical and filled with love, happiness, and memories that the Bride and Groom will hold dear to their hearts forever.

They had a very entertaining and talented five piece band; including, a versatile singer that was able to fulfill both the Bride and Groom's request of having Persian, Israeli, and Spanish music. There was never a dull moment on the dance floor!

The menu for dinner was unbelievable - they had different types of rice, a wide selection of Persian stews, salads, three kinds of kabobs, salmon and smoked fish. They were short of nothing and the bar was filled with only top of the line selection of beverages. As dinner proceeded, we thought it was the perfect and most appropriate time for selected family members and friends to say a few words. By the end of the Groom's speech there was not a dry face in the room. The Bride's sister expressed her underlying love and friendship. It was safe to say that both the Bride and Groom came from very close and tight knit families.

Dancing continued through the night, drinks were passed around, tears, joy , and laughter spread throughout the entire room. At times it felt like paparazzi was present because they had six photographers and two videographers following them and the guests throughout the entire celebration.

The cake was something you would find in a picture perfect magazine. The Bride chose a very simple, classic, and timeless cake. It was tree tiered and had draping with sugar coated rose petals and Tiramisu filling. The room was filled with silence and all eyes were on the Bride and Groom as they took a big slice of cake and fed each other in a very romantic and unforgettable way.

This evening ended up being a reality of what only seemed to be a vision planned for 9 months. All their expectations were met and all vendors delivered exactly what was agreed. It was truly an honor to see two people so dedicated, committed to one another. I wish them a lifetime of happiness.
Photography by Albert Tabibian

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