Thursday, September 3, 2009

The importance of working with a travel agent

Is planning the honeymoon the best part of the wedding planning process? I have no idea, as I have never planned a honeymoon. To help you with the honeymoon portion of the planning process, I have invited a wonderful person, friend and professional to discuss the importance of utilizing the professional services of a travel agent.


In planning the perfect honeymoon, the words paradise and romance automatically filter your head. Yet, in order for those two things to happen, working with a travel agent to properly plan your honeymoon is vital when it comes to preparing for an unforgettable get-away.

First, give yourself six months to a year to plan your honeymoon. If your heart is set on traveling to the likes of Paris or Johannesburg, a year is advised; unless you are a frequent visitor of that particular destination. “Time is money!” may sound cliché, but precise. Allotting ample time to plan your honeymoon will afford you more promotions, more time to save, and prevent you from having to pay rush fees. Let’s not forget experiencing less stress and yielding last minute disasters. Next, talk to newlyweds about where they spent their honeymoon. They can provide recent updates about where they spent their honeymoon and how they enjoyed their experience.

Selecting a certified travel agent is a very important task. In doing so, do your homework. Ask for referrals and be sure to do background checks. By working with an agent, you should feel at ease knowing that you are working with a professional who is knowledgeable about the travel industry. With an industry so broad and ever changing, it is a travel agent’s responsibility to stay up-to-date on current events, airline advisories, vendor updates, etc. I would never send a couple on their honeymoon to a destination experiencing political upheaval or to a resort with extremely bad service and unreliable accommodations. Agents also perform frequent site inspections. Inspections tell you the real deal. They help distinguish the difference between what the Internet reveals and what resorts and cruises really have to offer.

Agents are experienced travel advisors who are trained on the ins and outs of the industry. We have years of experience, relationships with industry vendors and resort/hotel management, and collect tons of referrals. Agents also take frequent courses and attend seminars to increase their travel knowledge and level of certification. Always be sure to inquire about certifications and how current they are. Often times, people do not want to spend the time or the money to work with an agent for many reasons. But, keep in mind, all travel agencies operate differently. So be sure to ask plenty of questions.

Now that the ring has been set and the guest list is in full effect, it’s time to contact your trusted travel agent. It’s my duty to prepare you for an experience of a lifetime!

Loren Jackson Adams, Certified Agent and Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist

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