Monday, November 16, 2009

Helping Men, Women and Children - One Step at a Time

Part of having a strong belief in Family is doing my part to make sure that each part of the family unit (whomever that may consist of) remains healthy.

My interests in Breast Cancer are not new. It began many years ago while I was studying for my PhD in the Department of Cellular and Molecular biology at Brown University. I spent a number of years working with a protein that we thought was acting as a tumor suppressor in Breast Cancer. Even though my time there is finished, I still want to take an active part in keeping women healthy so that they can further realize their dreams - just as I have.

Maimah Karmo started the Tigerlilly Foundation whose goals are the following...

  • To educate, empower, advocate for, support and inspire young women affected by breast cancer
  • To end isolation among young adult breast cancer survivors
  • To improve the quality of life for young adult breast cancer survivors by creating vigilant self-advocates
  • To promote ferociously fearless females
Read more about Maimah here.

The Tigerlily Foundation has the opportunity to win a $25,000.00 grant to support their efforts to increase breast cancer awareness. The additional monies would help achieve additional outreach and services to young women in need. In order to do this, we need your help.

There will be a public online vote for the National Women of Worth Starting November 9th and ending November 24th. Maimah needs your vote to help further the foundation's efforts.

You can vote by going here

Thank you for your help! We look forward to following Maimah and offering her continued support though the coming years!

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