Wednesday, December 9, 2009

20 or so musings about Lisa

I typically do not share things about myself to my clients. However, weddings are personal occasions, and my clients often share personal things about them and their family dynamics with me. Sometimes it’s nice knowing a bit more about the person you are working closely with, so now it’s my turn to share a bit more about me – and my thoughts. None of these musings are wedding related, but will give you more insight into my “quirky” personality.

I believe in…

1. Honesty and integrity are of utmost importance, but tact - even more so. I never understood why being hurtful teaches anyone a lesson.

2. I’m a Republican and Democrat – a conservative and a liberal. I see valid points on all sides, and also see misguided opinion on all sides. I just vote for the person that agrees with me most on the issues that most matter to me.

3. Make love, not war. However, if you are going to do it, it should be done with responsibility as to not hurt yourself, anyone else, or to get yourself in a situation you are not ready for.

4. Animals – they are so cute. As a child, I loved a Cockapoo for 15 years. Her name was Useless. Yeah, I know - it was my Dad’s decision. Pets keep you young. They are always there to love you – no matter what.

5. I met my first boyfriend at 20, and married him at 27.

6. Don’t ask me my age, it will probably be a lie.

7. I would say that my sense of humor is more “dry”. However, I cannot stand Woody Allen (too neurotic), and I LOVE Will Ferrell.

8. Love is irrational and is not to be understood – just felt.

9. I love the people in my life who make me laugh.

10. I love creating wedding planning and design proposals. It makes me excited to dream about all the possibilities.

11. I love my two children so much – it almost hurts. If I believed they were in danger, and I could save them by giving my life – I would in a second.

12. I idolized Dorothy Hamill – 70’s haircut and all!

13. Adequate back-up. Life is unpredictable.

14. My Dad died because he felt worthless in this world.

15. I played “first” clarinet in my elementary and Junior high school band.

16. I don’t understand why people kill to prove killing is wrong. However, I am a proponent of the Death Penalty. Not sure how to rationalize this in my mind - I’m conflicted. Good thing it’s not one of those issues I alluded to in item #2.

17. I’m a Capricorn.

18. I aspire to be the best. I am not afraid of it. However, I am afraid of lower standards - as being “good enough” is not “good enough” for me. Ultimately, it’s not the end result that matters – but the process.

19. Everything in life happens for a reason – we just might not understand it at the time.

20. I love the “Golden Girls” because they make me "laugh out loud". I have seen every episode 5 times – at least. It’s unfortunate that “they” don’t make TV like that anymore.

21. I spent 4 years in an advanced science and Math magnet in high school, 4 years at Smith College studying Biology and Chemistry, and 8.5 years in a PhD program in Molecular and Cellular Biology at Brown. It took me all that time to find my true calling. If that’s not interesting, I don’t know what is.

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nessawenwen said...

Thanks for sharing all this wisdom, Lisa! I like reading your blog and getting to know your work, too. It definitely sounds like you found your calling! Best wishes!!!