Thursday, December 31, 2009

Honor Roll - Jessica Pi Productions

There are many wonderful vendors out there but there are very subtle differences between the ones that stand out - differences that are not necessarily noticeable when you call or interview a vendor. In my opinion, it's these subtleties that make all the difference.

Jessica Piscitelli is all of this and more. She is the epitome of "going above and beyond" for her clients. She does more than she needs to - to get the job done. She is passionate, professional, and pleasant.

She is a super quick responder and is always present. You can tell that she loves filming weddings. She moves quietly and quickly but she gets all the shots. Her eye for detail is impeccable, which is a rarity in the industry. More importantly, she works extremely hard and you can tell. Her product is top notch. In this day in age, I think it's extremely difficult to find a great videographer for under 5K - but Jessica is it! She is fabulous and her product is fabulous. Just take a look at her blog. Seeing is believing!

She is wonderful to work with and my clients always love her. It's because of these qualities that I name her "best of" 2009 in wedding videography.

Let Jessica know that you read about her here.

Jessica Piscitelli
Jessica Pi Productions

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