Thursday, December 31, 2009

Honor Roll - La Prima Catering

I have worked with many caterers in DC Metropolitan area. While there are many great caterers, nobody offers such fantastic food, great personalized service, and offers a variety of rentals as La Prima Catering. La Prima's tastings are complete with different candle arrangements, different linen options, different place setting options, different chairs and different cushions. I have seen it myself - it's quite impressive. They lay all the options right in front of you.

One important thing to me, being a wedding planner, is to have the ability for my client to taste the food prior to signing the contract. Some places will not allow this and others will allow a tasting, but charge a fee. La Prima allows a tasting prior to signing. In fact, I had an African wedding where we wanted to combine the American and African food. La Prima was extremely accommodating in allowing us to bring the African food to the tasting - and went above and beyond to present it elegantly for the client (as it would be served on the day of the wedding).

The event staff is always attentive, and they always respond to questions right away. They take great care to work with each and every budget.

On the day of the wedding, the staff is extremely professional and the spread is always amazing.

It's all of these qualities that make them the easy choice of "best of" 2009 in catering.

When you contact La Prima, let them know that you read about them here.

Dina Silnicky
La Prima Catering

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nessawenwen said...

I love reading your blog, Lisa!! Thanks for sharing your "best of" list.