Monday, December 28, 2009

Honor Roll - The Walters Art Museum

Sorry DC couples - this year, my favorite venue is in Baltimore.

Situated in the middle of the quaint and historic Mount Vernon, The Walters Art Museum is the perfect site for a sophisticated wedding. It's a hidden gem in a big field. Your ceremony and reception will be held in the sculpture court, which is large, light and airy -and can accommodate parties (with a dance floor) for up to 200. The openness of the space naturally lends itself to creativity in table arrangements and sizes. Your cocktail hour will be one of a kind with the ability to treat your guests to some of the finest art in the area.

Easily accessible, there is ample parking and elegant accommodations nearby -making it easy for your guests to enjoy the festivities.

Catering at the Walters is a dream. You have the freedom to "use who you want"! If your caterer of choice is not on the list, it's easy to get them approved. There are minimal roadblocks along the way.

The "rules" of the museum are not much different than any other museum. It's of utmost importance to preserve the priceless works of art, therefore, no red wine and music must be within a particular range. Tables and chairs must be moved in a certain way - but all of the logistics are cleared with your caterer prior to the big day!

The event director at the Museum is a dream to work with. He's easy, available and always willing to answer questions by phone or email.

All of these qualities make the Walters Art Museum my pick for "best of" venue 2009!

Photography by Rachel Smith

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