Monday, December 7, 2009

Vendor Spotlight - LaPrima Catering

LaPrima Catering is one of the premier full service catering companies in the region. There is no other that can do it better. What makes a catering company fantastic?

1. Client support – providing answers to questions throughout the entire process

2. Connections in the area – working with different rental companies so they are able to supply the client with what they need

3. Creativity – being able to understand the Client's vision

4. Personalized service - being able to meet budget requirements

5. integrity – honesty

6. Great food

7. Good attitude

LaPrima has all of these qualities and more. Working with Dina and the staff at LaPrima is a dream. No matter whether the wedding is a “year-out” or a “month out”, Dina is always there to address her clients’ needs – which, unfortunately, is a rarity. She makes her clients’ feel special, not because she has to, but because they are.

LaPrima is extremely versatile. With 10 locations in and around College Park, Baltimore, DC, Annapolis, Frederick, Alexandria, Fairfax, Herndon, Tysons, and Philadelphia, her clients are able to conduct tastings, and pick up items at a location that is convenient to them. In my case, there have been many instances where my clients needed to pick up a special dessert, and Dina has arranged for them to pick it up in a location that’s close to their house or work. What’s better about not having to worry about driving hours out of your way and taking time off of work – to taste their awesome Crème Brule?!

More importantly they have gone above and beyond for my clients – always! At the tastings, there is always an abundance of linen choices that would go well with the color or theme of the wedding. There are different decor ideas, from sample candle arrangements, different votive holders, different plate and glass options, chairs and cushion covers, and the like. They work with multiple rental companies, and therefore, are able to get almost anything. There is a level of comfort knowing that you are working with a company that is wholly dedicated to the success of your event.

Take a look at their website, and also at some of the amazing things that they have done this year - you will see the LaPrima difference.

When you contact LaPrima, make sure you let them know that you heard about them here.

Happy planning!

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