Monday, January 11, 2010

Eco-Chic Monday - Eco Tourism

Ibo, Mozambique
A unique, beautiful, and serene honeymoon destination

Although one cannot deny the activities which attract honeymooners from around the world; such as, scuba diving, the many magnificent beaches that await, the most pristine and unexplored island reef ecosystems in the Indian Ocean that provides refuge for 10 globally threatened bird species and five globally threatened turtle species, and the rich biodiversity - Ibo Island Lodge has also contributed positively to the Ibo way of life!

Kevin and Fiona established this first Ibo Island Eco Lodge in 2007. They built Ibo Island Lodge with a sustainable tourism ethos - giving back to the island community and assisting in the conservation and education of visitors and staff alike.

Poverty among the island’s 4,000 residents was driving slash-and-burn agriculture and habitat loss, unsustainable fishing, and illegal hunting of marine turtles and sharks. The opening of the Eco Lodge presented numerous new jobs and a viable economic alternative for Ibo Island’s community. It helps enforce national park regulations and engages community members in park patrolling. Ibo’s community trust fund encourages and supports entrepreneurial projects by local people.

Ibo Island Lodge in Quirimbas National Park, Mozambique is an outstanding example of how eco-tourism, sustainable economic growth and conservation can go hand in hand.

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