Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tantalizing Thursday - a Celebration of Tradition

The Chuppah

The Chuppah or Bridal canopy is the central tradition in most Jewish weddings. Typically, it's made of a cloth covering attached to four poles that are burrowed into the ground, or supported by four honored friends or family members. Always open on all sides, The Chuppah symbolizes the new Jewish home that the couple creates for each other. During the ceremony, the couple, their parents, the Rabbi, and often the Bridal attendants will stand underneath the Chuppah.

Chuppahs are traditionally made. Sometimes people will use their grandparent's Chuppah, or make their own. One of my Brides had a very beautiful Chuppah - which was sewn together from individual squares by members of her immediate family. Chuppahs can also be rented, and adorned with flowers and other decorations.

From top left...

Erika and Matt's wedding in Baltimore - photography by Thomas Graves
An wonderful patchwork Chuppah seen on One Wed
Gorgeous Chuppah rentals through Charm City Chuppahs

Happy Planning!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the writeup on Chuppah's. This is great to know;good information for anyone. Perhaps you can identify and some other traditional aspects of other weddings. I think of jumping the broom for African Americans. How or where did this originate?

Viviane H