Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So Happy it's Hump Day - Luscious Libations

Cote du-Rhone-Villages A work horse appellation of southern Rhone. Many wines can be gotten for under $25-30. Most are meant to be drunk between 2-3 years after bottling.

Cote du Rhone- The main work horse of Southern Rhone. Many bottles can be gotten for less than $20. A true value.

Hermitage is the undisputed king of northern Rhone, producing big, lush tannic reds from primarily Syrah grapes. Hermitage wines are capable of aging well and can be quite pricey.

From Top to bottom Right...

Alain Vogue Dotes du Rhone Les Peyrouses - 100% Syrah grapes from the northern Rhone region. This wine is purple in color and has an intense flavor of ripe cherries. This wine is great paired with grilled meat and veal. Less than $20.00

Feraud-Brunel Cotes du Rhone Villages - Medium bodied from the south. It has an exotic mix of crushed blueberry, boysenberry and blackberry fruits. Great with heartier dishes like grilled steak and roast pork. Less than $20.00

Delas Crozes-Hermitage Les Launes - From the north, this wine has a deep garnet red color. Made from a region with a lot of Syrah grapes, that are aromatic, rich and full bodied, this wine is best paired with game, grilled meats and rich foods. 2007 between $20-30.00

Domaine de Mourchon Cotes du Rhone-Villages - From the south, this wine is a deep dark wine with rich and concentrated notes of raspberry and blackberry fruits on a spicy background. This wine is wonderfully paired with red meat, game and cheese. Less than $20.00

Information from The Wine Examiner

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Virginia Williams said...

Will you be suggesting some white wines. Also, some champagnes that don't cost a fortune.

Lisa R. Nelson, CWS said...

I sure will. You must have read my mind. I am planning on writing about affordable white wines next Wednesday. In fact, I will go through a number of different kinds and brands of not only wine - but other liqueurs and spirits!

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