Saturday, January 2, 2010

Honor Roll - Thomas Graves Photography

With a great sense of humor (a definite asset), Thomas uses his extensive background in documentary Photojournalism to create unique images. He excels at being able to let events unfold in front of him - capturing emotions and actions as they happen.

One of the reasons that I love Thomas, besides the fact that his fantastic photojounalistic images are second to none, is the fact that he puts everything out on the table. He will invite you to his office for the first meeting, where he will win you over with his fantastic style, and then offer an all-inclusive package that is top in the area. With his package, there is no second guessing. He lays everything out. It's easy (and you know how much I love simple). The one thing he does do - is to go above and beyond to customize the package for you. If you do not want an inclusion - he is flexible and will work with you to meet all of your needs. He also offers a variety of albums - some of the best - to complete the all-inclusive package!

Thomas is an immense talent. When you look at his work - you feel the emotion. His love for weddings is apparent. His unique approach to weddings (first and foremost based on his extensive past experiences with the best journals in the country) make him my pick for "best of" 2009 in Photojournalism.

When you contact Thomas, Make sure to tell him you read about him here!

Thomas Graves
Thomas Graves Photography

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